About Us

The Alachua County Fair

The Alachua County Fair Association, Inc.

Is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation and is not affiliated with Alachua County.
Our board members, directors & members are volunteers that give hundreds of hours each year towards making the Alachua County Fair take place.
We do not receive money or backing from City, County, or Federal agencies.

We rely on sponsors & donations from businesses and individuals to help continue with our quest to produce the Alachua County Fair.

This year, the committee is working very hard to restore the fair to the family fun event that it once was and we value your feedback so we can continue to improve.


Home & Youth – Jacque Simmons
Sponsorship – Ann Wilds
Agricultural – Jesse Lewis
Building – Chuck & Donna Rowland
Vendors – Donna Rowland
Grounds – Chuck Rowland

Our 2016-2017 Board Members

President – Jesse Lewis (352) 359-2196

Vp 1/Tres. – Henry Suminski (386) 530-1777

Vp 2 – Chuck Rowland (352) 284-6792

SEC – Donna Rowland (352) 222-1676

Our meetings are held at 7:00 PM on the first Tuesday of each month at the County Fair Grounds.

If you would like to volunteer or become a member ´╗┐please contact us for further info (352) 359-2196.

The Alachua County Fair Association, Inc / Alachua County Fair Board Members and Members adopted the following policy on October 2nd, 2012

In order to maintain the orderly movement of crowds on the fairgrounds and for public safety and convenience, all persons, groups or businesses, whether it is for non-profit, charitable or commerical enterprise, are PROHIBITED from selling, exhibiting, or distributing written material on fairgrounds, or soliciting funds or signatures, except from a duly licensed location on the Fairgrounds.

A licensed location is obtained by applying for a booth on the fairgrounds with the Alachua County Fair Association. Given the limited number of booths available, booth space is provided on a first come , first serve basis.

The Alachua County Fair Association shall be responsible for the enforcement of this rule.Type your paragraph here.